Important Information

CLIPCUBE is not just "another platform to upload clips"

Rather, CLIPCUBE combines the ease of use of a third-party platform with the flexibility and control of running your own site, with your own domain name and putting YOU in full control. You will have total control of your own content without anyone telling you to remove content or removing content without warning.

A key advantage of using CLIPCUBE is that you can have two different tiers of subscription - either have a basic and a premium or just a basic - the choice is yours. Plans change how much your members pay per month and what content they can access.

Legal Documentation

As the owner you do not have to upload things like consent forms, proof of ID to anyone. However we do strongly recommend that you capture and hold this information. CLIPCUBE also automatically generates all legal agreements like terms of use and privacy notices that are required by law.

The CLIPCUBE software is also more than just a place to have your clip:  it is a complete web site powered by a content management system that lets you add pages, galleries, contact forms and much more.

CLIPCUBE is owned by Sunkat Ltd, which runs your website on behalf of you, the Owner.

Sunkat Ltd. has no control of the content and will not be monitoring what content is uploaded. However it is important that your site and content comply with the laws found both in England & Wales and the jurisdiction where you reside.

Payment Gateway

Your web site will be connected to our payment provider, allowing you to accept membership payments and tips. Before this can happen however, your site will need to be approved by the payment gateway. Until this happens you will not be able to start making any income.

This vetting procedure is about making sure that the content of the website does not violate any of the card company rules in for allowed content. The compliance team who perform the vetting are not prudes and they do not make judgements on content of the website -  unless it breaches the card company rules.

It is important to remember that when your web site is submitted for approval by payment gateway, the whole site will be checked for violations of rules - not just the descriptions of clips

This means that wording on the website must not include such terms as "Forced Bi" or surprisingly the term “ I do not do scat” will fail because of the word scat. The reason for this is that the card companies scan web sites with machines which just identify words which are banned, not allowing for the context its being used for.

In a many cases certain words or phrases have alternatives which can be used without problems. To help you, the software will highlight words which should not be used.

Submitting your site for approval

We suggest that you upload approx 6-10 clips and then, when you're happy that the content is representative, apply for approval. Our team will then manually check your site and, if there are no issues we can see, we will submit it to the payment gateway for approval. This process normally takes between 5 and 7 days.


  1. Payments to us:  we do not start charging until your website has been approved
  2. Memberships:  We payout 90% direct to your bank account every month
Finally: We are always here to help and support You